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I guess I’ve always been into soulful black music. My older brothers were into a diverse range of music, but it was always the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the legendary Motown sound that stood out whenever their LPs were played in our household and always lived inside my soul.
Being fortunate enough to grow up in West London, my teenage years found me immersing myself in the burgeoning soul scene of the time, and this is when my fascination with the art of DJing really began to take hold. I started to spin tunes at my local youth club discos and caught the buzz almost immediately!
Around the age of 19, I, along with two school friends of mine, bought the equipment we needed to do our own mobile gigs. We played mostly at friend’s parties and weddings, but we always stayed on the more soulful side of music (rare groove was the sound of the time), and had a lot of fun…  and then the house scene exploded onto our dancefloors and life would never be the same again!!
Since then I have Dj’ed in various locations around the world, including a couple of residencies in Sydney, Australia (when I lived there in the mid-nineties), Mexico, Honduras and more recently Brussels, Belgium and Palma Mallorca for the fantastic ACOLAF weekender.
In The U.K. I have played in many clubs and bars including the Sound Republic, Pacha, Ministry Of Sound and Proud (O2) in London, plus clubs in Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham plus promoting and residing at the legendary MYSTIQUE parties in London during the late 90s.
In May 2015 I had the honour and privilege of being invited to play a set at the Southport Weekender in Minehead, fulfilling a long-held ambition after being a regular worshiper at this event since 1991!
2017 saw another ambition realised as I had the privilege to spin at the Groove Odyssey weekend in Ibiza (I’ll be doing it again this year!)… and later in the year a closing set in the main room at The Ministry Of Sound.
I first presented on internet radio for UK Rumble back in 1999 and then for Pure DM between 2000 to 2001, returning to UK Rumble in 2002 until making the switch to House FM in September 2006.
My main style of DJing set is soulful and deep house music, but my love of all things soulful and funky runs deep, as you will hear when you tune into my weekly show “The Soulganic Sunday Session” every Sunday night between 20.00 – 22.00 GMT on www.housefm.net

Keep the faith….

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