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Antonio Pascal’s love of music started at the tender age of 8. With his mum’s Gram with the Gerrard Deck, back then that was the name for it. He listened to artists like John Holt, one of his favourite reggae singer’s at the time. Moving up the musical ladder, at the age of 13 Antonio used to sneak out to listen to all the big sound systems like Shaka, Coxson, Jah Tubbys, Quaker City, Java to name a few. Lifting speaker boxes for various sounds systems and being a box boy took him all over the country to places like Manchester, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Nottingham and many more.  He loved the experience, although not so much the licks that would be waiting for him when he got home but says it was all worth it.

At 16 he built his own reggae sound system playing reggae, rare grooves and soul. He continued playing until 1992 when he was introduced to house and garage music. This is where he really felt really at home and went on to form ‘Crazy Mondays’ with the help of Creed, Norris Windross, Dominic Spread Love and many more friends. It all started in Antonio’s house at 7 am every Monday morning, finishing sometimes on Wednesdays.  He went on to play alongside DJs such as Karl Tuff Enough Brown, Matt Jam Lamont, Hermit, Nigel Ben, Norris Windross, Dominic Spread Love and Bobby & Steve. This experience really shaped Antonio’s DJ’ing style and moved him through to the ranks of Radio Stations such as of Freak, Dejavu and Rinse FM.

As Antonio’s career continued to climb he had his own radio station and started playing at nightclubs such as Ministry of Sound, Aquarium, Egg, Coliseum, Fridge, Electric, Pascha and Rex. At the same time, he also went on to play internationally in Croatia, Germany, Tobago and St Lucia.

Antonio continues his residency at Aquarium, Shoreditch with ‘Prophecy of House’.  With his love for Afro and Soulful house music, Antonio Pascal does not stop amazing and pleasing people with his exceptional talents. He continues to reinvent himself to stay with what is apparent at any given time.

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