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DJ & Remix Producer Ace Shyllon’s love of music spans from growing up with his family in a South London suburb. Growing up listening to his mothers ‘Hi-Life’ music from West Africa which has its tones sewed into many house tracks of today.

From 1993 and Ace was playing in a Sound System “Fatal Destiny” with Friends from School. Ace used to DJ & MC playing at house parties where he met some great musical influences with most becoming life long friends.

Records shops were the hub of excitement for him and loved going to Swag Records, Big Apple, Release the Groove, Rhythm Division, Black Market, Wax City & Mr Bongo.

Having an array of weekly bookings, Ace was able to build up a following and started to move from Bars to Nightclubs playing with DJs Clemy Riley, Danny Foster, Pied Piper, Dana Down, Hermit & many more.

It was around this time when Ace & DJ HD1 started to DJ together under the name “Prime Suspects” playing on Upfront FM, Phat FM and Millennium Dance radio stations. Ace Shyllon always grateful to the promoters of events for giving them the opportunity to express himself in front of great crowds for events such as Earth Wind & Fire, Illotic, Mums the Word, Trinity, Private, Best of the Best, The prestigious Penge Party & Fordshouse.
As well as running Metronoyz Records based in Croydon South London, Ace hosts events with his wife DJ Vibrant C (harmony collective) and also host’s a weekly radio show “DineHouse” for more details visit www.hamonycollective.com
Ace continues to work on remixes for a number of record labels including Fomp Records, Dub Semantikz and Deep Ink, look out for loads of new material coming to grace dance floors around the world. Check out the music page for new music and mixes.

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